your brand vs maseca

Corn Masa Flour - An Introduction

Several years ago the most important tortilla-manufacturers of Northern Mexico joined forces and their expertise to build which is now one of the fastest growing corn flour mills in Mexico.

Our mill supplies the most important tortilla-manufacturers all over Mexico; also manufacturers corn flour for private label in the 1 kilo or 2 kilos presentation. We are currently supplying private label to the biggest retailers in the USA.

Our private label has great advantages versus our most important competitor MASECA.
Corn flour is the most consumed food product in Mexico and is present everyday in all Mexican and Central American households no matter their income.

In 2009, Maseca had the 85% of the corn masa flour market in the USA, according to a report by DCP Services LLC.

There is definitely a large market for corn masa flour in the USA, giving a great opportunity to do business using private label.